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What is this blog about

A few years back, a wave of profound questions about life washed over me. I wondered whether this introspection was a natural aspect of aging or held a deeper significance. Through my journey, I discovered valuable insights and accumulated knowledge that I believed could benefit others. This inspired me to create a blog - a platform where I could share my own experiences, lessons learned, and moments of inspiration. My hope is that by sharing these stories, I can ignite a spark within each reader.

In the place and culture where I grew up, people always told you to find the best job and work your way up the corporate ladder. Not many people talked about following your passion or starting your own business. Music and art were considered mere hobbies - we engaged in these extracurricular activities just as a means to enhance academic competitiveness.

I have this friend who is incredibly talented in art and design. I suggested that she consider starting a business with her skills, but she believed it was unrealistic. I used to share a similar mindset, thinking that settling for a stable job was the only path in life, so I understood her reservations. However, I couldn't help but feel a sense of sadness, seeing such remarkable talent go to waste.

I don’t know if it’s an age thing, but as one reaches their thirties, you start asking these questions. Is what I'm currently pursuing truly aligned with my desires? What is the purpose of my life? It was during this stage in life when I began contemplating these questions. I used to think it was too late for me to start something new, especially after spending nearly 15 years in the corporate world. However, the story of a former colleague changed my perspective and inspired me to shift my mindset. That’s when I decided to pursue my long-held dream of starting a fashion brand.

Over the past few years, I’ve gained invaluable insights into self-growth and self-belief, which I wish I had learned earlier. Life is meant to be an adventure and do what we enjoy doing. It pains me to see people giving up on their dreams without even trying. Some of my closest family and friends work their entire lives, even if they don’t enjoy what they do, just to maintain a routine until retirement. Is life really just about earning money to get by? I believe that if you were to ask people what they would choose to do without any constraints, many would opt for something different - pursuing their passions or striving for the careers they hesitated to pursue.

Challenging myself has always brought me a sense of achievement and boosted my confidence. Therefore, I decided to embark on an experiment of my own, starting from scratch despite having no experience in fashion design. Yes, you read that right—I’m not from the fashion industry.

Through this platform, I want to share what I’ve learned and my personal stories in the hopes of inspiring you.

One day, I hope to say to you, 'I did it, and so can you!'.

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