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  • Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress

    This year, the United Nations has chosen "Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress" as the theme for International Women's Day. It serves as a powerful...
  • Small Steps, Big Dreams: A Path to Living Your Passion

    Discover the transformative power of taking small actions on your journey to living your passion. Your passion deserves more than mere dreams — start today, no step is too small on the path to achieving your dreams.
  • Boosting Confidence: A Transformative Journey in Diversity and Inclusion

    I believe confidence isn't something you're born with. It's a skill you can develop, and it's all in your mindset. Many times, we tell ourselves we lack confidence, and as you know, it doesn't help us feel better about ourselves or move forward. But imagine - what if you could change your perspective? What if you convinced yourself that you have unshakeable confidence, whether it's genuine or a façade? This shift in thinking can have a powerful impact on how you handle life's challenges.

  • Weaving Fashion Dreams: Drawing Inspiration from a Colleague's Story

    Have you ever thought about changing your career or starting something new from scratch? This thought came up from time to time during my life in the corporate world, but the longer I stayed in the same field and industry, the more challenging it seemed to start something different. 
  • Why I created this blog

    A few years back, a wave of profound questions about life washed over me. I wondered whether this introspection was a natural aspect of aging or held a deeper significance. Through my journey, I discovered valuable insights and accumulated knowledge that I believed could benefit others. This inspired me to create a blog - a platform where I could share my own experiences, lessons learned, and moments of inspiration. My hope is that by sharing these stories, I can ignite a spark within each reader.

  • Invisible Notes for Presentation - How do you present without looking at notes?

    A technique of associating objects with presentation points to improve memory and confidence, boosting presentation skills.
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* Measurements shown in the size guide refer to body measurements and not measurements of the garment.