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Weaving Fashion Dreams: Drawing Inspiration from a Colleague's Story

Have you ever thought about changing your career or starting something new from scratch? This thought came up from time to time during my life in the corporate world, but the longer I stayed in the same field and industry, the more challenging it seemed to start something different. The idea of letting go of a steady income and the people I know made me unsure. At the same time, I had many other reasons to hold myself back - feeling too old, not having any experience, and the security of a stable job. The idea of beginning something from scratch was definitely something that just stayed within my dreams. 

Then, a few years back, my former colleague, a senior Partner who is older than me, changed my perspective. He made me realize that it's never too late to pursue our desires, no matter our age. He showed me this through his actions.

He shared that he joined the company when he was young simply because he wanted to follow his boss, who had switched to the same firm we worked at. At that time, he didn't really think about what he truly wanted. However, a turning point occurred that prompted him to start pondering that very question. Eventually, he uncovered his answer and found his dream job to pursue what he was truly passionate about. He explained how he looks forward to going to work every day, and he even wished for weekends to end sooner, as he was so eager to return to the office. I was so amazed by how happy he was after the move.

His story resonates with me because, like him, I hadn't really thought about what I truly wanted to do. After finishing college, I picked a job in the same field as my degree and never questioned if it was the right path. Honestly, back then when I was in my early 20s, I didn't really know what I wanted to do with my life. Maybe I didn't even realise I needed to think about it. I simply followed what everyone else seemed to do.

This got me thinking about what I really wanted in life and brought back my fashion business dream. I quickly searched for an intensive course to learn more about the fashion industry, and I found one starting in Europe in just two months! 

I still remember the next day when I walked into the managing partner’s office and asked for a three-month sabbatical leave. I was really determined to get that time off, and surprisingly, he agreed even though it wasn't the best time for me to be away from work. (Looking back, I realize I owe him a big thank you for letting me go and maybe even an apology for the shock that I gave him haha lol).

During the course, I had a blast and felt so fulfilled. I knew this was my calling. On the flight back to Tokyo, I made up my mind - I had to make my dream a reality. I usually enjoy taking on tough challenges, but this time, it wasn't just about proving it to myself. I was set on inspiring others to believe they could do it too.

We've got to believe in ourselves. There's nothing we can't achieve. There's always a way.

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